Oil filter H97W08 [Hengst]

H97W08 FT-98393

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Oil filter H97W08 Hengst for special machinery - combines, tractors, excavators, loaders, graders, rollers, trucks, buses, cranes, etc.

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You can make quick order and we will contact you to clarification and confirm the order.

Oil filter H97W08 [Hengst]


Engines require constant lubrication of all their parts and components. Stability of the internal combustion engine and its durability depend on the purity of the oil and its timely feed in the required amount. And because of extreme conditions of use of special equipment, motor oil is very quickly polluted. That's why selecting an oil filter is very important.

Oil filters Hengst are characterized by quality and affordable prices, which makes them more and more popular both on the territory of Ukraine and abroad.

The oil filter Hengst H97W08 is designed to effectively clean the oil from metal shavings, dust and residual combustion products. Delaying the smallest of them, the oil filter protects the engine from premature wear.

Oil Filter Hengst H97W08:

- replaceable housing oil filter with thread (spin-on type, wringing oil filter or filter with threaded connection) - non-detachable, consisting of a filter element, seals, special valves, strong sealed housing and is an independent element of the filtration system;

- filtering element Hengst H97W08 - special material (cellulose or synthetics) with a high degree of absorption of harmful impurities, resistant to chemical and temperature effects.

Hengst H97W08 can be used on special purpose machinery because the size of the oil filter and its characteristics are in accordance with the requirements of the machinery manufacturers.

Filters Hengst are tested at different stages of production, so they meet all international and quality standards.

If you have trouble choosing an oil filter, our managers will check the application and provide all the information you need (regarding characteristics, availability in stock, delivery times, payment, etc.).

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Outer diameter , D mm 68
Height , H mm 86.5
Thread , M 20x1.5
Inside diameter seals , d2 mm 54.5
Outside diameter seals , d3 mm 62.5
Filter type Oil-Changeable/Spin-on

OEM Numbers of Oil filter H97W08 [Hengst]