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You can indicate your destination address and choose a delivery method at checkout. Fill in all the required fields in order to avoid misunderstandings. Normally, there are a few options of delivery you can choose while submitting the order. Special remarks, a preferable courier or other additional information concerning delivery could be indicated in the comment field.

The option of Individual delivery method is available by default. In this case, we contact you directly to decide on a suitable way of delivery.  We check delivery options and estimate cost and time of delivery.


Courier delivery within the EU

The delivery within the EU is provided by parcel delivery services. The cost and time of the delivery depends on the country of destination and the weight of parcel. Parameter limits of a parcel are the following:

1. M<50kg - the maximum weight of one box can not exceed 50 kg (exceptions: Greece - 31,5 kg and Cyprus - 40 kg)

2. 2H+2W+L < 300cm - the sum of double Height plus double Width plus Length can not exceed 300 cm  

3. H < 60cm - Height can not exceed 60 cm  

4. W < 80cm - Width can not exceed 80 cm

5. L < 175cm - Length can not exceed 175 cm

If your order exceeds the parameters stated above, it can be split into a few smaller parcels. If the goods cannot be set apart, the price is calculated individually. The delivery to non-continent and remote regions of countries, special customs areas and enclaves has to be indicated in advance for an individual shipment calculation. Please choose Individual delivery method for the above mentioned exceptions and other non-standard parcel parameters or destinations. 

Table of delivery time for EU countries:

Destination country (grouped according to delivery time): Time of delivery:
Czech Republic, Slovakia,Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania 2 - 4 working days after day of shipment
Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland*, Sweden* 2 - 5 working days after day of shipment
Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg 3 - 4 working days after day of shipment
France**, Spain**, Portugal**, Italy, Great Britain, Ireland 3 - 5 working days after day of shipment
Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Malta 3 - 6 working days after day of shipment

* Delivery of shipments with weight more than 31,5 kg takes up to 7 working days after day of shipment

** Only continent part of the country


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International courier delivery

There are a few options of international delivery. FedEx International Economy or FedEx International Priority services are time definite, customs-cleared, door-to-door delivery methods provided by FedEx. They differ in terms of cost and delivery time. The price includes transportation cost and import clearance service provided by FedEx customs agency in the country of destination.

For all your outbound shipments when the heaviest package weighs no more than 68kg.

Destination FedEx International Priority® transit time* FedEx International Economy® transit time*
Europe Next day after shipment 2 - 5 days after day of shipment
USA and Canada Next day after shipment 4 days after day of shipment
Latin America 1 - 3 days after day of shipment 4 - 6 days after day of shipment
Asia 2 - 3 days after day of shipment 4 - 6 days after day of shipment
Middle East - India 2 - 3 days after day of shipment 3 days after day of shipment
Africa - Oceania 2 - 4 days after day of shipment 4 - 6 days after day of shipment



* Time of delivery services can be different, it depends on exact address of shipment and delivery as well as on package content.

You can also choose Individual delivery method at checkout and indicate the preferable courier in the comment field. International shipments of goods conform to generally accepted rules and standards of international trade such as Incoterms 2010.

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