Friends, colleagues, clients, we congratulate you on the bright holiday of the Resurrection of the Lord! We sincerely wish you quiet days and nights without anxiety, peaceful skies and victory, and the return to your homes of all your loved ones alive and well.

May Easter fill your hearts with strength and goodness, give you wisdom and endurance, and give you Cossack health.

May Easter fill your souls with faith, hope and confidence in the future.

May the Lord protect you and your family from evil, envy and misunderstandings.

We wish you family happiness and warmth, joy from every day. May peace, respect, harmony and children's laughter always reign in your homes.

May Easter bells fill your hearts with love!

We wish you all a sweet Easter cake, a generous Easter basket and a sincere prayer.

Happy Easter!

Christ is risen! He is truly risen!


Working hours for the Easter holidays:

May 3 (Friday) - duty mode 9:00-14:00
May 4 (Saturday) - day off
May 6 (Monday) - day off
May 7 (Tuesday) - duty mode 9:00-14:00.

*All orders placed online will be processed the next business day after the weekend.