Air filter К-102 [Промбізнес]

102-K FT-23182

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Панельний повітряний фільтр Промбізнес для спецтехніки - комбайнів, тракторів, екскаваторів, навантажувачів, грейдерів, катків, вантажівок, автобусів, кранів та ін.

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You can make quick order and we will contact you to clarification and confirm the order.

Air filter К-102 [Промбізнес]


Air filter is an important part of any self-propelled machinery. It cleans the air from foreign impurities, which enters the engine. Increased level of gas pollution and dust conditions of special equipment, necessitates constant monitoring of the condition and timely replacement of the air filter.

Air filters Промбізнес perfectly cope with the tasks set, so they are widely used in Ukraine as well as abroad by owners of various equipment.

Air filter Промбізнес air filter is designed to clean the air that enters the engine's cylinders from dust, dirt, sand, water, etc., and provides the necessary airflow to it. These filters combine compactness, durability, large area and ease of use.

Air filter Промбізнес is inserted into a special housing, which, for effective filtration, is structurally located not far from the engine.

Панельний плоский повітряний фільтр має досить просту будову: у прямокутну рамку певних розмірів встановлено складками фільтруючий елемент. Для збільшення міцності можуть армуватися металевою або пластиковою сіткою, яка знижує вібрацію і деформацію фільтруючого матеріалу.

Air filter is easy to install, disposable and can not be restored (although manufacturers of agrotechnics, within acceptable limits, allow the mechanical cleaning of the filter from pollution).

Filtering element Промбізнес is a special material (cellulose or synthetics) with a high degree of absorption of harmful impurities, resistant to vibrations and temperature effects.

Air filter Промбізнес can be used on special purpose appliances Fiat, LANCIA because the size of the air filter and its characteristics are in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer.

Filters Промбізнес are tested at different stages of production, so they meet all international and quality standards.

If you have problems choosing an air filter, our managers will check the application and provide all the information you need (regarding characteristics, stock availability, delivery, payment, etc.).

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Weight , W kg 0.118
Length , L mm 237
Height , H mm 49
Width , B mm 86
Filter type Air-Panel

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