Fuel filter WF8125 [WIX]

WF8125 FT-99148


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In-line fuel filter WF8125 WIX for special machinery - combines, tractors, excavators, loaders, graders, rollers, trucks, buses, cranes, etc.

65,76 ₴

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You can make quick order and we will contact you to clarification and confirm the order.

Fuel filter WF8125 [WIX]


Modern engine is a complex and well-adjusted mechanism, which consists of a multitude of knots and parts, for proper and trouble-free operation of which, it is necessary not only to lubricate, but also to refine with high-quality fuel. However, due to various factors and reasons, fuel quality sometimes leaves much to be desired. That's why selecting a fuel filter is very important.

Fuel filters WIX are characterized by quality and affordable prices, which makes them popular both in Ukraine and abroad.

Fuel filter WIX WF8125 is intended for efficient cleaning of fuel (gasoline, diesel fuel) from mechanical, solid particles in fuel (rust, pieces of paint, dirt, etc.). Delaying all kinds of dirt, the fuel filter protects from the rapid wear and failure of the fuel pump and nozzles and helps to increase engine power.

Features of fuel filter WIX WF8125:


- independent filter element, consists of its own hermetic body and necessary parts for fastening;

- the possibility of mounting as the main and additional external element of the fuel system;

- fuel filtration is carried out under the influence of pressure, which creates a fuel pump.

WIX WF8125 can be used on special purpose machinery because the size of the fuel filter and its characteristics are in accordance with the requirements of the machinery manufacturers.

Filters WIX are tested at different stages of production, so they meet all international requirements and quality standards.

If you are having trouble choosing a fuel filter, our managers will check the application and provide you with all the information you need (regarding characteristics, availability in stock, delivery time, payment, etc.).

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Additional Information:

WIX FILTERS is an American brand with 80 years of experience working as a filter manufacturer for all brands of cars and heavy equipment in various industries (agriculture, construction, forestry, mining, etc.). In 1954 The company has developed and patented filters such as spin-on. At present, the company has its own factories in 11 countries on 5 continents and sells filters in 80 countries of the world. In 2016 WIX becomes part of the MANN + HUMMEL group.



Weight , W kg 0.0229
Inner diameter , d mm 8
Outer diameter , D mm 36
Height , H mm 102
Inner diameter , d1 mm 8
Filter type Fuel-Linear

Overall dimensions

Height , H mm 51
Width , W mm 51
Length , L mm 121

OEM Numbers of Fuel filter WF8125 [WIX]